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AHvosTM Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions provide access to state-of-the-art private AI engines educated with proprietary content. AHvos'TM CRITM (Context Relevant Intelligence) ensures that your Organization has a clear competitive edge by leveraging the best that Artificial Intelligence has to offer when powered, and enpowered, with your private data.

private engine
Private AI Engines

Your data, your AI engine. AHvos' AI approach avoids the bias commonly found in AI models trained with open/free web content.

CRI TechnologyTM

AHvos' proprietary Context Responsive Intelligence ("CRI")TM is the next evolution, and revolution, for AI transformers architecture.


AHvos' unique research and industry leading, Identified Response Path ("IRP") logicTM provides the full rationale behind every AI response.

machine educating
ME Engine Educating

AHvos replaces traditional point in time machine learning (ML) training with continual, near real-time machine educating (ME).

energy efficient
Energy Efficient

AHvos AI Technology significantly reduces the energy consumption traditionally required by Enterprise level AI solutions.

Available Services

AHvos specialized solutions are tailored to your Organization's data and AI needs.

Data Crucible

AHvos solution for identifying and correcting innacurate dataset labels for data used in machine learning (ML) as part of traditional AI model creation, thus reducing the model bias observed in currently available ML training datasets.

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Impact Insights

AHvos suite of services providing organizations the ability to understand unstructured content that may be public, behind a pay-wall, or private on-prem, that goes well beyond what traditional Sentiment Analysis tools are capable of.

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AHvos MIT (Message Impact Transformation) utilizes AHvos'TM CRITM technology to provide the ultimate in message/content AI-driven data analysis, empowering Political Campaign Strategists and Analysts to successful Political Campaigns.

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